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ParkGate Recruitment Services

  1. First, please register your details using the form below. This is the dedicated registration page for all of our recruitment opportunities.

  2. Based on the information you have provided, a member of our team will be in touch to arrange a one-to-one discussion of your skills and expertise. Our team are able to conduct a formal interview upon receiving the required documentation.

Our clients have come to expect a high level of responsibility and professional approach to the work we do. ParkGate expect and deliver a high quality workforce for all of our  cleaning endeavours. If you feel that you can meet the demands of our agency and clientelle, we would love to hear from you.

In recognition of your skill, commitment and flexibility, our policy is to support you above and beyond your normal expectations. Please provide us with a brief outline of you and your experience within the domestic or commercial cleaning sectors.


We implement a rigorous selection and recruitment process ensuring applicants have the skills, competency and experience to do the job. The recruitment process includes a face to face interview, ID verification, right to work, language ability enhanced CRB, occupational health assessment, appropriate referencing and clinical skills checklists and up-to-date mandatory training.


With the latest technology and our experienced placement team, Agency workers are selected for shifts matching the precise requirements from clients to the Agency workers qualifications, skills and competencies.

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